Bathroom countertops are available in more shapes and materials than ever before. Modern cutting and fabrication techniques mean that anything is possible, in any size. From good old formica to space-age recycled glass, there is a perfect surface for any bathroom.

Granite, the dense rock produced by ancient volcanoes, has become one of the preferred substances for countertops. They quarry the rock from a mountain, cut it in the shape you specify, and ship it to you. Granite can be cut in any dimension and stained in nearly any color. Thousands of satisfied customers find them to be the perfect accessory for their modern homes.

There are a million advantages to granite countertops. They are strong, solid, reliable, and they don't mind getting wet. Since they are completely natural their environmental impact is limited, especially if you choose a quarry near the construction site. They can be tinted in nearly any color, and when they're sealed they are essentially impervious to damage.

Granite is available in tile, or slabs. Tile is small and modular and can be adapted to nearly any surface. For larger bathrooms and upscale homes, granite can be purchased in single slabs.

The only limits to the slab are the size of the room and the ability to install it. Certain quarries even produce granite slabs with actual fossils embedded in the surface. Of course any surface as attractive and durable as this is going to add permanent resale value to the home.

When considering granite countertops for your home, it is vital to plan ahead and make sure you have the right tools and skill set to mitigate any potential risk for a DIY install.

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